F1 Camshafts Aprilia RSV 1000 Models

  • F1 camshafts for the Aprilia RSV.
  • Available in two versions
  • Street Race & Race
  • Delivery as a set (4 pieces)

Pistal pistons (Pair) RSV Mille 02 - 10

  • 97mm Pistal piston. High Quality forged version.
  • Weight 504 Gramm. Compression ratio 12,8:1. with coating on the skirt and double brigde forging underneath.
  • "Drop in" without crank balancing or any other modification.


  • All engines with higher compression pistons mounted (even if Big Bore kit) needs different spark plugs to stock factory ones!
  • The temperature range will change immediately, therefore all engines need colder spark plug values!
  • Depending on the piston version, if piston deck is higher or not, the type of electrode is also different!
  • Please consider that the minimum space between piston deck and electrode is 5mm or more (firing point), otherwise the piston will melt or crack!
  • Furthermore please pay attention to the fuel grade (95, 98 or 100 octane, depends on compression ratio) and air/fuel mixture (which has to be corrected for ex. with a Power Commander).
  • Please read the installation instructions, which are provided with the pistons or Big Bore Kit, carefully!
  • If you have problems or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.